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Most of us have grown up loving bedtime stories during childhood, often involving animals. There is something whimsical and endearing about the make-believe world of animals speaking. In "animalspeak" they are saying.........

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Is this my best side?6 feet distance please!Two is companyThis way to the showGuess how many zebras?Did you hear the latest gossip?Peek-a-booDid you see what our neighbors just did?What was it I was trying to remember?I have earned my stripes! Every one of them!You've got to be kidding me!Do we have to wear a tux all day?Back off!!Is that you Arnie?Ha! Ha! Ha! These penguins walk funnyHere she comes; everyone look up and pretend you don't see herHey! this is my spot!I hope the water is cold enoughPeace and quiet at lastHow do you like my Mohawk?