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South Georgia has diverse wildlife from penguins to elephant and fur seals. The king penguin colony is huge, numbering almost a million birds.
Macaroni Penguin Pair, South GeorgiaFur Seal2, South GeorgiaAntarctic Tern1Fur Seal1, South GeorgiaIceberg, South GeorgiaAntarctic Tern, fishingKing Penguins, South GeorgiaMacaroni PenguinSouth Polar Skua, South GeorgiaScene1 South Georgia with King Penguin colony in the foregroundKing Penguin group, South GeorgiaFur Seal Pup, South GeorgiaGlacier Fjord, South GeorgiaGentoo Penguins, South GeorgiaAntarctic Tern2Cape Petrel, South GeorgiaCormorant1, South GeorgiaCormorant2, South GeorgiaElephant Seal Female, South GeorgiaElephant Seal Female2, South Georgia