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Svalbard, the group of Norwegian islands well within the Arctic Circle, is home to the polar bear and a variety of bird life. It is also the place to witness magnificent polar landscapes including glaciers.
Young arctic fox, Svalbard NorwayArctic tern diving, Svalbard NorwayBlack guillemot, Svalbard NorwayPolar bear and cub, Svalbard NorwayPolar bear, Svalbard NorwayPolar bear, Svalbard NorwayBrunnich's guillemot, Svalbard NorwayBlack-legged kittiwake, Svalbard NorwayBlue iceberg, Svalbard NorwayBlue whales, Arctic OceanWalrus, Svalbard NorwayEider duck female, Svalbard NorwayGlacier, Svalbard NorwayIce jam, Svalbard NorwayKittiwake in flight, Svalbard NorwayPiping plover, Svalbard NorwayLandscape1, Svalbard NorwayLandscape2, Svalbard NorwaySvalbard reindeer, Svalbard NorwayWalruses on ice floes, Svalbard Norway