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Described by some as “the most diverse place on earth”, Costa Rica is home to colorful birds, butterflies, mammals and reptiles.
Squirrel monkey - Corcovado NPBlue morpho underview, Corcovado NPCapuchin monkey - Puerto LimonCherrie's tanager, Drake BayChestnut-mandibiled toucan, Drake BayChestnut-mandibled Toucan, Drake BayAmerican crocodile, Corcovado NPCaiman - Corcovado NPCoati, Corcovado NPFishing-net spider, Drake BayGiant grasshopper, Corcovado NPGreat kiskadee, Drake BayGreen heron, Corcovado NPGreen iguana, Corcovado NPGroove-billed ani, Drake BayHummingbird, Drake BayHummingbird, Puerto LimonKeel-billed toucan, Puerto LimonLeaf-cutter ants, Braulio Carrillo NPMasked tree frog - Corcovado NP