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The plains of Serengeti National Park are famous for the great migration of wildebeest, zebra and antelope, while the Ngorongoro crater is equally famous for its high density of resident wildlife. Tarangere National Park is famous for its elephant population.
Baboon and Young, Tarangere NPBanded Mongoose, Serengeti NPBaobab tree - Serengeti NPBlack Crake, Lake ManyaraBlack-shouldered kite, Serengeti NPBlue Monkey, Tarangere NPBurchell's zebra and foal - Serengeti NPBurchell's Zebra, Serengeti NPBurchell's Zebras, Serengeti NPCheetah, Serengeti NPCheetah, Serengeti NPCrowned Plover at nest, Serengeti NPCrowned Plover, Serengeti NPDik-dik, Serengeti NPDwarf Mongoose, Tarangere NPEgyptian Geese, Serengeti NPElephant - Tarangire NPElephant and calf - Tarangire NPGrant's Gazelle, Serengeti NPGrey Heron, Lake Manyara