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The rich forests in Central and South India, results in diverse habitats with thousands of species of birds and butterflies, apart from mammals and reptiles. This gallery begins with the many faces and behaviors of the iconic tiger.
Tiger at a waterhole in Bandhavgarh National ParkTiger cooling off after a drink, Bhandavgarh NP2 1/2 year old tiger startled by monkey activity near a waterhole, Bandhavgarh NP6 year old tigress 'Kajiri' wading through a stream, Bandhavgarh NP10 year old tigress named "Spotty" with one of her 2 1/2 year old male cubs, Bandhavgarh NPMale tiger after scent marking a tree, Kanha National Park4 1/2 year old male tiger 'Pattewala' emerging from the forest, Kanha NP'Pattewala' tiger going towards a waterhole, Kanha NPTigress 'Kajiri' checking scent signature, Bandhavgarh NPTiger crossing a jungle path, Bandhavgarh NP'Pattewala' tiger on the prowl, Kanha NPClaw marks of a tiger, Pench NP'Pattewala' tiger at waterhole, Kanha NPYoung tiger appearing to check out its reflection, Bandhavgarh NPTiger stalking chital deer 1, Bandhavgarh NPTiger stalking chital deer 2, Bandhavgarh NPTiger stalking chital deer 3, Bandhavgarh NPTiger stalking chital deer 4, Bandhavgarh NPTiger agitated, when the riding elephant got too close, Bandhavgarh NPRed Junglefowl, Pench National Park