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The varied terrain in India and Nepal, both in terms of altitude variation, as well as in the amount of rainfall received, results in diverse habitats with thousands of species of birds and butterflies, apart from mammals and reptiles.
Asiatic Lion, Gir ForestTiger, Bhandavgarh NPChital spotted deer, Sariska NPCrested hawk eagle, Mayem Lake GoaSunset, Calangute Beach GoaButterfly egg, Borivili NPButterfly egg cluster, Borivili NPBaronet butterfly, KhandalaDaniad eggfly, KhandalaCommon Tiger butterfly, Borivili NPFungoid frog, IgatpuriIndian Nightjar  Borivili NPIndian Roller, GoaPainted Lady butterfly, Borivili NPDry Leaf Moth, Borivili NPCommon Silverline butterfly,  KhandalaStick insect, IgatpuriBlackbuck, Velavadar NPPraying Mantis, Borivili NPTree Frog, Borivili NP