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Kenya has renowned wilderness areas such as the Masai Mara National Reserve and Amboseli National Park as well as the lesser known Samburu National Reserve with rare mammal species. A safari to these parks is one of the best ways to see the big five (lion, leopard, black rhino, elephant and cape buffalo).
African fish eagle portrait, Lake NaivashaAfrican fish eagle, Lake NaivashaBaboon portrait, Masai Mara NRBlack rhino and calf Sweetwaters GRBlack-backed jackal, Samburu NRBlacksmith plover Amboseli NPBurchell's zebra portrait Samburu NRCape buffalo, Masai Mara NRCheetah portrait, Masai Mara NRCheetah, Masai Mara NRCinnamon-chested bee-eaters, Amboseli NPCrowned crane - Nakuru NPCrowned plover on nest, Masai Mara NRDik-dik - Amboseli NPGray-headed gull, Lake NaivashaEgyptian geese, Amboseli NPEgyptian goose, Lake NaivashaAfrican fish eagle taking off, Lake NaivashaEland, Masai Mara NRElephant horizon, Amboseli NP