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Virginia is one of the most forested States in the United States and Shenandoah National Park is beautiful, especially in the fall.
Fall Foliage, Royal Lake FairfaxCommon Buckeye, Occuquan NWRPraying Mantis, FairfaxMallard duck chicks - FairfaxZebra Swallowtail, Occuquan NWRFall scene, Shenandoah NPCommon Whitetail Dragonfly, Occuquan NWRWidow Skimmer Dragonfly, Occuquan NWRTwelve-spotted Skimmer Dragonfly, Occuquan NWRNeedham's Skimmer Dragonfly, Occuquan NWREastern Pondhawk Dragonfly, Occuquan NWRGray Squirrel, FairfaxMallard Ducks, Occuquan NWRNorthern Cardinal, Occuquan NWRQuestion Mark butterfly, Occuquan NWRFall colors, Shenandoah NPShoveller, Occuquan NWRRed Admiral, Occuquan NWRCanada Goose, Royal LakeSpotted Turtle, Occuquan NWR