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This sub-Antarctic island group is home to the rockhopper penguin and nesting black-browed albatrosses, among other bird life.
Black-browed Albatross1, FalklandsMegallanic Penguins, Falkland IslandsGentoo Penguin, FalklandsKing Penguin, Falkland IslandsRuddy-headed Goose, Falkland IslandsBlack-browed Albatross2, Falkland IslandsRockhopper Penguins, Falkland IslandsRockhopper Penguin, Falkland IslandsBlack-browed Albatross3, Falkland IslandsMegallanic OystercatcherMegallanic Penguin1, Falkland IslandsMegallanic Penguin2, Falkland IslandsRockhopper Penguin, Falkland IslandsSnowy Sheathbill, Falkland Islands