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Asiatic Lion, Gir Forest IndiaCheetah, Masai Mara NR KenyaTiger, Bhandavgarh NP IndiaPolar Bear and cub, Svalbard NorwayCheetah portrait, Masai Mara NR KenyaCheetah, Serengeti NP TanzaniaDwarf Mongoose, Tarangere NP TanzaniaLeopard, Serengeti NP TanzaniaAfrican Lion, Masai Mara NR KenyaAfrican Lioness, Serengeti NP TanzaniaYoung Asiatic Lion, Gir Forest IndiaYoung Arctic Fox, Svalbard NorwayBaby Elephant, Amboseli NP KenyaGrevy's zebras, Samburu NP KenyaBurchell's Zebra and foal, Serengeti NP TanzaniaBurchells Zebra, Samburu NP KenyaCape buffalo, Masai Mara NR KenyaCapuchin monkey, Puerto Limon Costa RicaElephant, Amboseli NP, KenyaElephants at a river crossing, Samburu NP Kenya