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Antarctica is one of those places that cannot be described, where you have to actually be there to experience its beauty. This is apparent in the late evening when the sun casts a golden glow on the snow-covered landscape, the serenity only broken by a school of humpback whales feeding in the foreground.
Gentoo Penguin1, Antarctic PeninsulaAntarctic Landscape with whales in the foregroundWeddell Seal, AntarcticaAntarctic CormorantOrca, AntarcticaSouthern Giant Petrel, AntarcticaSnowy Sheathbill, AntarcticaAntarctic Cormorant, AntarcticaAntarctic Landscape with humpback whale divingKelp Gull, AntarcticaAdelie Penguin, Antarctic PeninsulaAdelie Penguin, AntarcticaHumpback Whale Sequence 1Humpback Whale Sequence 2Humpback Whale Sequence 3Humpback Whale Sequence 4Humpback Whale Sequence 5Humpback Whale Sequence 6Humpback Whale Sequence 7Humpback Whale Sequence 8